Posted by: paulgarner | August 7, 2009

Future First reviews The New Creationism

Future First (ISSN 2040-0268) has published a review of my book, The New Creationism, in their August 2009 issue (Volume 1, Number 4, p.6). It reads:

It seems appropriate in the bi-centenary year of Darwin’s birth to include a review of a book on the broad subject of evolution. This book is, however, unlike many which have been published this year to celebrate the event. It focuses on the possibility of the earth being formed several thousand years ago rather than several million.

In this context it looks at a wide variety of evidence – biological, geological and chemical, as well as taking a careful look at fossil and dating data – and puts them all into a scriptural context. It is written by a man who is an environmental scientist and describes an astonishingly wide phalanx of detailed scientific work in a range of different fields. It looks comprehensively at the creationist scene and justifies it as a serious contender for our origins.

In the process it faces objectively the differing points of view on this topic, the evidence for evolution, the data behind the often-quoted date of the origin of earth 4.7 million [sic] years ago, and quotes up-to-date research and thinking which suggests some (most!) of this “evidence” could be mistaken.

However, a further commendation for this well written book is not just its comprehensiveness, and the usefulness of having in one volume the varying viewpoints of the interpretations of Genesis chapters 1-11, but its style. Unlike the arrogance of some writers from a creationist viewpoint, this book is written humbly, positively commending the beauty and detail of God’s creation, and pointing very simply to the awesome purposes of an inscrutable but wonderful Creator.


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