Posted by: paulgarner | August 4, 2009

Evangelicals Now reviews The New Creationism

Well, I’m back from the US and starting to catch up on a few things, though still feeling pretty jet-lagged on this drizzly Tuesday morning. The fieldwork and conference went well and I hope to report on those in due course. In the meantime, however, here’s a couple of things that came up while I was away.

First, I draw your attention to Todd Wood’s comments concerning Mats Molén’s article on the horse series in the latest Journal of Creation (Molén 2009). I don’t really have anything to add to what Todd has already written, except to say that we really need to do much better at peer review in creationism…

Second, and on a more positive note, Dr John Benton, editor of the British newspaper Evangelicals Now, has reviewed my book, The New Creationism, in the latest issue. You can read his review here. I’m glad he liked it and unblushingly take this opportunity to give the book another plug to my readers in the UK and US.


Molén M. 2009. The evolution of the horse. Journal of Creation, 23(2):59-63.

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