Posted by: paulgarner | November 19, 2013

For the BCSE, sorry really is the hardest word

You have probably suffered enough of the BCSE’s silliness by now, but I thought it instructive to give you a brief update on how the BCSE responds to being called out on its malicious claims.

Earlier today I revealed how BCSE members had jumped to the conclusion that I was misleading people about my qualifications, based on unsupported assertions in an atheist blogger’s Youtube video. After I set the record straight here, three people responded on the BCSE forum.

First up was Brian Jordan, who with a bit of googling had found a couple of websites that mistakenly referred to me as “Dr Garner”, as if that was what I had objected to the BCSE doing. But this is misdirection, pure and simple. My actual objection concerned BCSE forum members suggesting that I was being personally dishonest in reporting my qualifications.

Next up was Roger Stanyard, apologising for not being “sufficiently precise” in detailing my qualifications. It wasn’t Mr Stanyard’s precision that concerned me; rather it was his assertion that I was falsely claiming to have a PhD that I do not possess. He could not resist adding that my details did not come up in a search of the online database of Fellows of the Geological Society, by which I can only assume he was insinuating that I might not actually be a Fellow after all. But if he had only read the database web page carefully, he would have seen that the level of visibility can be selected by individual Fellows. For the avoidance of any doubt, I have changed the settings on my entry so Mr Stanyard can now satisfy himself that I am indeed a Fellow. Mr Stanyard also suggests that I do not correct creationists when they mistakenly refer to me as “Dr Garner”. In fact, I do and in the case of ICR I did. ICR corrected their mistake within two hours. I wonder how long it will take for the BCSE to do the same?

Finally there was “Cathy”, an otherwise anonymous school teacher from the Midlands with an inordinate fondness for exclamation marks. She simply repeats the BCSE line that ICR is to blame for the BCSE smearing me, even though there is no evidence at all for this assertion. Indeed, the atheist blogger from whom Peter Henderson (and subsequently Roger Stanyard) originally derived the claim said nothing whatsoever about ICR as the source, rather stating (incorrectly) that I refer to myself as “Dr Garner”.

What does all this tell us? In short, that when members of the BCSE are caught out making claims they cannot substantiate, they prevaricate, obfuscate, offer begrudging “semi-apologies” that are not really apologies at all and generally seek to evade responsibility. What they don’t do is say sorry.



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