Posted by: paulgarner | July 18, 2012

National Trust to review Giant’s Causeway exhibition

It was probably never going to end well.

I predicted a couple of weeks ago that the new Giant’s Causeway visitor centre was going to prove controversial because it dared to mention creationism. And so it proved. Never mind that the entire exhibition presents the geology of the causeway from the mainstream perspective and that the only mention of creationism is a modest acknowledgement that some people don’t accept the mainstream view. This was sufficient to reduce hordes of crusading anti-creationists to red-faced apoplexy. So it is unsurprising that the National Trust has today announced that it will be reviewing its exhibit, presumably with a view to appeasing its critics.

To be honest I feel rather sorry for the National Trust, which was probably trying to make its new visitor centre a model of inclusiveness. Sadly they failed to anticipate just how irrational “rationalists” can be.


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