Posted by: paulgarner | July 3, 2012

Creation and evolution in France

Last week I was in Belmont-Luthézieu in the rural southeast of France speaking at a retreat for church pastors and their families. Our hosts were Francis and Donna Foucachon of Huguenot Heritage Ministries. Several nationalities were represented at the conference including France, the UK, the USA, Germany, Holland and the Ukraine, and we enjoyed wonderful surroundings, fine French cuisine and great fellowship.

I was delighted to share the speaking with Dr Gordon Wilson, Senior Fellow of Natural History at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. The overall theme was ‘Genesis: Creation and Evolution’ and Gordon and I each gave four talks:

  1. Creation or evolution: what’s at stake? (PG)
  2. The new creationism: building scientific theories on a biblical foundation (PG)
  3. Baramins and the boundaries of biological change (GW)
  4. Fossils, formations and phylogenetic trees (GW)
  5. Desert or deluge? Recent research confirming the global flood (PG)
  6. Young earth creation (GW)
  7. Claws, jaws and dinosaurs (PG)
  8. Predators, parasites and pathogens (GW)

In addition there was lots of time for questions, debate and discussion, whether over the dinner table or around the evening bonfire. We also spent an afternoon at Les Grottes du Cerdon, a magnificent show cave carved into the Jura Limestone, which afforded us the opportunity to think about its origin and history. The convivial atmosphere made for a thoroughly enjoyable conference and I trust that those who attended went away with much to think about.



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