Posted by: paulgarner | May 17, 2012

Time Matters

So there I was, browsing the earth science shelves in Waterstones when I picked up a copy of Michael Leddra’s Time Matters: Geology’s Legacy to Scientific Thought (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). It’s an accessible introduction to key geological concepts and the historical context in which they were developed. But flipping through its pages, I did something of a double-take when I spotted a reference to my own book, The New Creationism.

In fact it turns out that the author has included references to a number of creationist and anti-creationist publications written from a Christian perspective, including Tom Vail’s Grand Canyon: A Different View, David Snoke’s A Biblical Case for an Old Earth and Denis Alexander’s Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?

There are several references to The New Creationism in the text (although it is misnamed The New Creation in some of them). Leddra refers specifically to my chapters on radiometric dating (pp.51-52), the ice age (p.150), the fossil record (pp.205-206) and catastrophic plate tectonics (p.245). The New Creationism is even highlighted in the bibliography for further reading.

I should make it clear that Leddra is not endorsing my book or the creationist ideas that it presents. Far from it; he says he includes them so that students are aware of what he perceives as their shortcomings. Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see a text of this kind referring to up-to-date creationist books and even encouraging others to read them for themselves.


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