Posted by: paulgarner | May 3, 2012

Colossian Forum on Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

Back in 2009, a significant book was published by Inter-Varsity Press here in the UK. Should Christians Embrace Evolution? was a collection of essays by biblical scholars and scientists challenging recent attempts to accommodate Christian theology to evolutionary theory, most notably responding to Denis Alexander’s (2008) book, Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?

Should Christians Embrace Evolution? was later released in the USA by Presbyterian and Reformed (2011), and a thoughtful review of the book was recently posted on the Colossian Forum website. The reviewer, Tim Morris, makes some constructive comments about what he perceives as the weaknesses of the book, but also highlights a number of strengths for which he commends it. The whole review, which he sums up in these words, is worth reading:

In the end, with the caveats noted above, I think this book well worth reading and digesting for those interested in engaging these issues. Though I am not convinced by all of the arguments presented, I do think the book helpfully focuses a variety of cautions that need to be taken seriously by those who want to move their Christian communities full speed ahead in the project to reconcile contemporary evolutionary theory and a Christian theology.

HT: Todd Wood for drawing this review to my attention.


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