Posted by: paulgarner | November 21, 2011

Remarkable fossil whale find in Chile

Wow. The news media are carrying reports that a hoard of well-preserved fossil whales has been discovered near Caldera in the Atacama Desert of Chile during a road-widening project. Researchers say there may be hundreds of whales preserved at the site and construction has been temporarily halted (though only until December 2011) to allow the fossils to be excavated and studied. The BBC has a short video report.

This reminds me a great deal of the work that Leonard Brand, Raul Esperante and colleagues have been doing on the remarkable fossil whales of the Pisco Formation of Peru. I’m looking forward to seeing some publications on this latest discovery.

Also, take a look at Todd Wood’s essay, ‘What I would like to hear an evolutionary creationist say’. Written for the Colossian Forum, it is a characteristically honest and heartfelt piece that says some things that we all need to hear.


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