Posted by: paulgarner | September 23, 2011

Debating the origin of Uluṟu

During my summer holiday I picked up a couple of books by C. R. Twidale in a secondhand bookshop: Australian Landforms and Ancient Australian Landscapes. For those not in the know, Twidale is a well-known geomorphologist whose unconventional thinking about landscape development, including the origin of inselbergs and planation surfaces, has attracted the attention of creationists in the past (see here for an example).

Interesting, then, that Twidale and his colleague Bourne have written a response in the creationist Answers Research Journal to an earlier paper by Ken Patrick on the formation of Uluṟu (Ayers Rock), Australia. You can read Patrick’s response to Twidale and Bourne here.

I think it’s great that such a respectful dialogue between creationists and non-creationists has been published in ARJ, hopefully not for the last time.


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