Posted by: paulgarner | May 11, 2011

Another review of The New Creationism in CRSQ

I almost missed this one but the Creation Research Society has published another review of my book in the Winter 2011 CRSQ (Vol. 47, No. 3, p.203). The reviewer is Don DeYoung.

British author Paul Garner holds an environmental sciences degree with emphases in geology and biology. He speaks and writes for the Biblical Creation Society ( This book includes a forward [sic] by Andrew Snelling, full references, and an index. Paul has a very clear writing style as he outlines the details of creation science. This includes brief summaries of the anthropic principle, baraminology, catastrophic plate tectonics, Genesis Flood details, the Ice Age, the RATE research project, and time dilation theory. When explaining evolutionary assumptions, Paul is gracious but uncompromising.

Isochrons are used by geologists to determine initial radioisotope products in rocks, and this description is made very clear (p. 95). In contrast, quantized redshifts are described as evidence for the Milky Way’s location at the center of the universe without reservation (p.29), even though such data is strongly challenged by astronomers. One of many crisp figures is the classic ichthyosaur fossil, which is interpreted as being overcome by flood sediment at the moment of giving birth (p. 205). One could mention the alternate explanation that the ichthyosaur baby was expelled spontaneously after the mother perished. With either interpretation, this famous “fish lizard” fossil formation was catastrophic.

This paperback book includes many positive comments from readers. It presents a clear case for Creation and will prove helpful to many readers worldwide.

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you may have noticed that it’s been a while since I last updated it. I can only plead busy-ness with several ongoing projects, most notably my Coconino research. I’ve also been planning an itinerary for geological fieldwork in Scotland in about a month’s time. There are other exciting things in the pipeline too. But today’s my birthday and I’m having a lazy day – watching some vintage Doctor Who and enjoying lunch out with my wife. So other things will have to wait just a while longer!


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