Posted by: paulgarner | March 28, 2011

Feedback on the Kachina Bridge petroglyphs

Recently I’ve been covering the story about the Kachina Bridge “dinosaur” petroglyphs. A reader contacted me to say:

I appreciated your follow up to the petroglyph story with your post on the 21st. I wonder why no one has taken the time to enhance these images using multi-spectral methods which are employed by archaeologists and art historians.

My correspondent linked to a camera forum site showing one example of how petroglyph images may be improved. He also pointed out that the technique has been used to good effect in fields such as document analysis.

It’s certainly surprising that creationists had not carefully studied the “dinosaur” petroglyphs before Phil Senter came along and did so. It seems an obvious thing to do. The results from the multi-spectral method seem pretty dramatic and something that could be attempted with the Kachina Bridge “sauropod”.

On another subject, the first part of my serialised article, ‘The Genesis Flood 50 Years On’, has been published in the April edition of Evangelical Times. The same issue also carries my article, ‘Deconversion’, which takes a look at the so-called “ex-Christian movement” and draws out some lessons from the stories of John Loftus, Dan Barker and Robert Price.



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