Posted by: paulgarner | March 23, 2011

My debt to Wayne Frair

Hearing how someone got involved in creation studies is always fascinating for me. Looking back, it is often possible to discern the Lord’s guiding hand along the way – the books read, the meetings attended, the people sent across your path.

I suppose I had the right interests from quite an early age. I’d always been fascinated by geology, loved reading books about dinosaurs and earth history, and had a small fossil collection. Soon after becoming a Christian, I was introduced to books such as Sylvia Baker’s Bone of Contention and Roger Price’s In the Beginning. Sylvia is now a good friend and fellow Biblical Creation Society committee member. Another Christian friend loaned me The Genesis Flood, and it wasn’t long before I bought my own copy. All these books had an influence upon me.

When I was seventeen (and still a sixth form student), I joined the Creation Research Society (CRS) and began to read the CRS Quarterly. It was at about that time (early 1987) that my dad wrote about my interests to Dr Wayne Frair, then President of CRS, and he kindly sent us a copy of his book, A Case For Creation, co-authored with Percival Davis. I devoured that book, along with the others. I must have written to thank Wayne Frair and ask about the prospects for a career in creationism, because on 4 April 1987 he wrote back to me, a very warm and friendly letter, full of wise advice and encouragement.

I still have that letter. In fact it’s here beside me as I write this. That letter has meant a great deal to me, because I know that it was significant in the path that I eventually took into full-time creationist ministry. I’m glad to say that in 1994, on my first trip to the USA to attend the International Conference on Creationism in Pittsburgh, I had the opportunity to meet Wayne Frair. He was manning a stand for CRS at the conference and I mentioned the letter he’d written to me and was able to thank him for it.

I was reminded of all this when I saw an article by Wayne Frair posted yesterday on the Creation Ministries International website. It’s entitled “My experiences as a creationist student in zoology departments of several universities”. The accompanying Editor’s note reads:

This is somewhat different from most of our web articles, but we feel privileged to have this contribution from creationist biologist Dr Frair. He is one of the handful of folk who were the pioneers of the modern creation movement, such as the late Dr Henry Morris. We think it will be of great interest to many readers, not just from the perspective of his comments on creation-evolution issues, but also his personal experiences during that era.

Do go and read Wayne Frair’s article. And why not also take a moment to reflect on how you might inspire a young person known to you to become the creationist researcher of tomorrow.



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