Posted by: paulgarner | January 11, 2011

The English Churchman reviews The New Creationism

I am rather belatedly posting this review that appeared in The English Churchman (No. 7773, 14-21 August 2009, p.8). However, I have only just come across it and it is my intention to highlight here all the reviews I know about (good or bad). The reviewer is Rev. John Dunn.

This book is in the Young earth creationists (YEC) camp and presents overviews: Part I deals with cosmology; in Part II the author argues for a literal understanding of Genesis 1, and in Part III the science of biology is covered. The conclusion, Part IV, looks at the flood and the aftermath. The writer is clearly very able and covers his chosen subjects with clarity.

This is a standard YEC, Whitcomb and Morris approach, although updating the material certainly and giving corrections to the W&M view whilst at the same time including much new data. The 6 pages of bibliography point the reader only to that literature which supports the YEC position. Anyone wishing to get a handle on the overall debate will not find this helpful. As this book is an introduction to the topics covered then the wise and discerning reader seeking to be more widely informed will want to read around the subject and also examine other points of view, particularly regarding matters of interpretation of Genesis, otherwise this book will remain only club chit-chat and the reader will not be aware of the range and depth of the problems. Nonetheless, for those who hold to a YEC position then this book is as good as it gets. The author is to be commended for his breadth of reading and his fine ability to present difficult material in a readable and compelling manner. There are many commendatory comments by names well known in the YEC camp, but despite the strings of degrees attached to the many names it is over the interpretation of the data that the essential differences are to be found. Again, one needs to beware of the statement, Peer Reviewed; after all, if one wants the ooohs! and aaahs!, only friends are invited to look at the wedding photos.


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