Posted by: paulgarner | December 21, 2010

Evolutionary Christianity?

I just came across this website, advertising a groundbreaking new teleseminar series promoting a middle way between “science-rejecting creationism and faith-rejecting atheism”. It’s certainly supported by an eclectic mix of individuals, with Owen Gingerich lining up alongside Ken Miller, John Polkinghorne, Brian McLaren and John Shelby Spong, to name just a few of the luminaries.

Apparently they want you to engage in “a groundbreaking dialogue on how an evolutionary worldview can enrich your life, deepen your faith, and bless our world.” The website includes gems of wisdom such as: “Studying evolution is like following cosmic breadcrumbs home to God. Only by looking through evolutionary eyes can we see our way out of the current global integrity crisis that is destroying economies and ecosystems around the world.” You can even sign up for the “Evolving Wisdom” e-newsletter. All I can say is that it makes the BioLogos Forum sound pretty conservative.

The good part is that participation is free. But I think I’ll give it a miss, all the same.


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