Posted by: paulgarner | July 9, 2010

Arrival in Utah

I’m typing this from my hotel in Salt Lake City, having arrived safe and sound yesterday via New York. The transatlantic flight seemed to go pretty smoothly and I even managed to get some sleep (briefly); usually I don’t sleep at all on aeroplanes. I arrived at JFK in good time for my connecting flight, but the queues through security were absolutely horrendous and I got to the gate just before boarding started. Anyway, I made it; that’s the main thing.

The flight to Salt Lake City seemed to take forever. By that stage I was over-tired and hungry, not having had time to eat at JFK. But I kept myself occupied competing in a general knowledge quiz against other passengers on the in-flight entertainment system.

Finally, at about 7.15 pm (i.e. about 2.15 am Friday to my befuddled brain) I arrived in a very hot and dry SLC. Very gratefully I climbed into bed, having sent a brief email to my wife to let her know that I was here in one piece. I slept very soundly, but was awake at 4.15 this morning. Fortunately I have a lazy day today while I wait for my colleagues to arrive, one later this afternoon and the other tomorrow morning. Then we’re on the road.


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