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The Bible League Quarterly reviews The New Creationism

The latest edition of the Bible League Quarterly (April-June 2010, Issue 441, pp.397-398) carries a warmly positive review of my book, The New Creationism. The reviewers are Richard and Ruth Ward. The Bible League has kindly given me permission to post their review here. You can find out more about the Bible League, its publications and other resources here.

Bible-believing Christians accept, by faith, the early chapters of Genesis as a true record of the events of creation and of a universal Flood destroying all but eight of mankind for sin. But how do we reconcile this with the findings of modern science, and have we answers to give to those who question our faith? Paul Garner addresses these issues simply, firmly believing the literal account in the Bible, to show that the conflict is not with modern discoveries but with their interpretation by those with an evolutionary mind-set.

Many books have been written to highlight the problems of evolutionary theories. The aim of this book is more positive: it is “to show that rigorous scientific ideas about the past can be built upon the historical foundation provided in the Bible.” Paul Garner does this successfully by summarising the work of modern-day scholars based on biblical foundations. The style of the writing is winsome (though conventional theories are criticised where required); it flows easily, shows the excitement of the author and avoids hyperbole.

There are no scientific blunders or misrepresentations of the opposing theories, so this book could be given to anyone studying science or geography without fear of embarrassment. Relevant GCSE and A Level examination questions could be well answered using the information in this book and the very useful glossary of scientific terms.

The topics covered include: cosmology (Big Bang and origin of stars), the solar system, the changing ideas of the age of the Earth since 1700, geology (the author’s forte) and radiometric dating, the origin of life, the effects of the Curse, the global Flood, the ice age, humans and apes.

The author includes and explains, with the aid of clear simple diagrams, enough science to show the logic of his arguments. There are extensive end-notes for each chapter, both to show the sources used and, together with the bibliography and list of websites, to direct the enquiring mind to more depth and detail.

Scripture quotations throughout are from the Authorised Version. We highly recommend this book.



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