Posted by: paulgarner | February 17, 2010

Faith, Reason, and Earth History: new edition

More good news on the publishing front. The second edition of Leonard Brand’s Faith, Reason, and Earth History is out. Leonard is an experienced and active research scientist whose work in the fields of palaeontology, animal behaviour and ecology has been published in many mainstream academic journals. I can vouch for the excellence of the first edition of this book (1997) and, according to a review in the latest Geoscience Research Institute newsletter, the new revised edition manages to exceed it. The new edition is a hardback (the first was paperback) and “contains significant upgrades, including updated arguments, rearrangement of the content to give a smoother and more logical flow, improved graphics, and an entire chapter dedicated to megaevolution.” Copies are available from the publisher, Andrews University Press, or from Amazon USA.

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