Posted by: paulgarner | February 12, 2010

The Banner of Truth reviews The New Creationism

The New Creationism has been reviewed in the latest edition of The Banner of Truth magazine (February 2010, pp.31-32). The reviewer is Jeremy Walker. The Banner of Truth‘s editor, Jonathan Watson, has kindly given me permission to post the review here. You can find out more about The Banner of Truth magazine, including subscription details, here.

This title will appeal to Christians interested in science, as well as others more broadly concerned about the nature and implications of the teaching of creation. The author deals with the issues of origins in a clear and pithy style, not avoiding the hard questions or fudging the answers, building a scientific model that will assist Christians whose doctrines of origins and practice of science are being attacked. The non-scientist (like the reviewer) will find this book fascinating and useful, not above the head of the untrained, though probably of greater value to those who understand the technical issues. For Garner, Genesis presents us with the facts of history, provides a framework for good science, and establishes a foundation for the gospel itself. Some details and emphases might doubtless be challenged, but the whole appears sound and helpful.


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