Posted by: paulgarner | October 14, 2009

BCM to host Todd Wood visit

Biblical Creation Ministries will be hosting a visit by Todd Wood to the UK next year. Here’s the announcement from our website.

BCM to host speaking tour by leading creation biologist

We are delighted to announce that leading creationist researcher Dr Todd Wood will be visiting the UK again next year. He will be arriving on or around 10 March and staying until 17 or 18 March. We hope that a number of our friends and supporters will be willing to set up meetings at which he can speak during his visit.

His itinerary will be coordinated on BCM’s behalf by Stephen and Joan Bazlinton. We are grateful to Stephen and Joan for their help in this regard. If you would like to invite Dr Wood to speak at your church or other meeting, please contact Stephen and Joan by telephone (01371 856495) or email (

Dr Wood will be offering a couple of talks. One will consider the nature of science and what it means to be both a creationist and a scientist. The other will provide an informative overview of modern creationist biology.

Details of Dr Wood’s itinerary will be posted on our website as it takes shape. Further information will also be available from Stephen and Joan Bazlinton.

Todd WoodDR TODD CHARLES WOOD is the current director of the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. He has a PhD from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Virginia and has published 30 peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters on the topics of systematics, genomics and evolutionary biochemistry. He is also the author of a textbook on creation biology and a monograph on the Galápagos Islands. He is a leading creationist researcher in the USA and one of the founding members of the Creation Biology Study Group.

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