Posted by: paulgarner | June 23, 2009

Horse fossils on Todd’s Blog

The phylogeny of horses. From McFadden (2005).

The phylogeny of horses. From McFadden B. 2005. Fossil horses — evidence for evolution. Science, 307:1728-1730.

About a month ago, in a post about life after the global Flood, I pointed to the famous horse series as a great example of rapid post-Flood intrabaraminic diversification. Those of you who follow the posted comments will have seen the questions concerning this posed by Kevin N, whose contributions to this blog, while critical and from a decidedly non-young-age-creationist viewpoint, are nevertheless appreciated.

At the time, I offered a few thoughts in response to Kevin’s questions. However, Todd Wood, co-author of this seminal paper (Cavanaugh et al 2003) on the baraminology of the Equidae, emailed to ask whether he could also have a go at replying to them on his own blog. He thought that Kevin had raised some really good questions. I was happy to say yes, and I see that Todd’s responses have now been posted on his own site. You can check them out here.


Cavanaugh D. P., Wood T. C. and Wise K. P. 2003. Fossil Equidae: a monobaraminic, stratomorphic series, in: Ivey, R. L. Jr. (editor), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Creationism, Creation Science Fellowship, Pittsburgh, pp.143-153.


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