Posted by: paulgarner | June 11, 2009

Service disruption to BCM website

Some visitors to my blog also frequent the Biblical Creation Ministries website. If you’re one of them, you may have noticed that the website hasn’t been operational since Sunday evening and wondered why. This is a brief explanation for anyone puzzled about our unscheduled “downtime”.

Basically, on Sunday evening, the data centre at which our server is hosted was electronically broken into and a good proportion of the machines at that centre had all their resident data completely destroyed by a malicious hacker. The hacker seems to have done something similar at five separate sites in the UK and US. One estimate is that 100,000 websites disappeared on Sunday evening.

Sadly the destruction included the server with our website on it. Currently it’s being rebuilt and the vanished websites are being reloaded. However, it’s likely to take some time before normal service will be resumed, and in the meantime we’re grateful for your patience and understanding.

Our web hosts have told us that they’re going to be investigating ways in which they can improve redundancy and maintain more services in the event of any future incident.


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