Posted by: paulgarner | April 1, 2009

So why the blog?

Yes, indeed. Good question. Why clutter up an already overcrowded blogosphere with yet more musings on creationism?

Well, I like to think that this blog will have something original and distinctive to say on this vexed subject. I have no intention of simply adding to the heated polemics. There’s already plenty of that out there, if that’s what presses your buttons. No, this site (like my book) is dedicated to something rather more positive.

I began The New Creationism by expressing my conviction that it’s possible for rigorous scientific ideas concerning origins to be built upon the historical foundation provided in the Bible. My book then set out in a modest way to provide an overview of the creationist theories proposed so far that seek to explain the data of astronomy, geology and biology better than their conventional evolutionary equivalents. I concluded that although most of these creationist ideas are still in their infancy, and much work remains to be done to test and develop them, their scientific fruitfulness has proven to be very encouraging.

Of course, I was aware that much more could be said on all the topics treated within the pages of my book. And, as I pointed out in the book’s introduction (p.16), science is a dynamic process, meaning that these theories would inevitably change as new evidence and new ways of thinking came along.

So I got to wondering: why not set up a blog dedicated to the themes in the book, pointing out where new discoveries are helping to confirm creationist theories or where they need to be revised and corrected? This would also give me the opportunity to provide more detail concerning some areas of creationist research and perhaps introduce others that were not touched upon in my book at all. Also, I could use a blog to highlight published papers, case studies and interesting specimens that illustrate and further illuminate some of the points made in the book.

A blog also allows readers of my book to make comments or pose questions about what I’ve written. Assuming that anyone does want to contribute in this way, I’ll select the best of the feedback and post it on the blog. However, I hastily add a couple of provisos: (1) all comments that are submitted will be moderated in order to keep the discussions focused and to prevent unedifying polemics from taking over, and (2) I can’t guarantee that every comment will be posted or receive a response.

So to summarize: why the blog? Because I feel there’s a need to promote greater awareness of the work being done to develop the young-age creation model, while remaining honest about those areas that require attention or pose particular difficulties. That’s the niche that I’d like this blog to evolve to fill (so to speak) and I hope you’ll find it a worthwhile contribution.


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