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The New Creationism

thenewcreationismcoverLast week saw the launch of my new book, The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theories on a Biblical Foundation (Evangelical Press; ISBN 9780852346921). The book takes as its central theme the work being done by contemporary creationist scholars to restore the biblical foundations of the scientific enterprise and build positive creationist theories in the field of origins.

With over seventy fabulous illustrations by Jack Lewis, a foreword by Dr Andrew A. Snelling, Director of Research at Answers in Genesis-U.S., and endorsements from nine leading creationists, my prayer is that this book will encourage confidence in God’s Word and excite the reader’s interest in the scientific study of God’s world.

The New Creationism is fully referenced and includes a glossary and an index. It can be purchased from Christian bookshops for £8.95 in the UK and $15.99 in the USA. Further information can be obtained from Evangelical Press UK or US.

Commendations of The New Creationism

Quite different from many creationist books that focus on the scientific problems of evolution, this book also includes scientific ideas built on the historical account in the early parts of Genesis. Chapters are short and deal with the central issues of each topic but also include useful references for further reading.

Paul Garner has many years of experience explaining and discussing the issues of origins, often at a popular level, to both Christian and secular groups. It is his skill at unpacking the problems and developing arguments in easy stages with a minimum of technical language that makes this book such a valuable resource.

N. M. Darrall, Ph.D Botany

Paul Garner powerfully demonstrates that when starting with the foundational truths of Genesis (six‐day creation, a historical fall, global flood, real Tower of Babel, etc.), creationists can build scientific models that are far superior in their explanatory power than the evolutionary ones. This book is greatly needed in helping to popularize creation model‐building as it introduces the reader to the best contemporary creationist models in astronomy, geology, biology, and so on — and at a level the layperson can understand.

Ken Ham, President,
Answers in Genesis — U.S. / Creation Museum

A Christian writing on Genesis and origins faces severe challenges. The task demands a rare combination of biblical and scientific skills. Few indeed have the competence to weigh theories and arguments across the wide range of relevant scientific disciplines. Paul Garner meets these demands in a remarkably readable book. If you thought you knew what creationism was, this book will probably surprise you.

Dr Arthur Jones,
Science and Education Consultant

If you are looking for a rant against evolution, and knockdown arguments for a young earth, you will be disappointed. Paul takes us on a sure‐footed and wide‐ranging survey of evidence informed by his involvement with the latest creationist research. Difficulties are honestly discussed, but the thrust of the book is to gently impress us with the attractiveness and power of a positive creation model. A compelling resource for pastors and church members alike to approach questions of origins with confidence.

Dr Stephen Lloyd,
Pastor of Hope Church, Gravesend

Paul Garner in this book presents a cohesive scientific model for origins from a biblical perspective… His main purpose … is to show that the science agrees with the biblical view not just in isolated instances, but so thoroughly as to give a robust structure and basis for a number of scientific disciplines, and primarily in astronomy and geology. Paul is a well‐respected geologist by training and shows that the geological column can readily be understood in terms of creation basement rocks followed by Flood deposits and finally by post‐Flood settling movements with a single ice age scouring much of the northern hemisphere. He ably deals with the issue of radioisotope dating, bringing in the recent remarkable findings of Flood geologists concerning the evidence of accelerated radioactive decay. Paul achieves his aim well of demonstrating that the great thrust of the scientific data fits well with the young‐earth creation perspective obtained by a natural reading of the biblical text.

Professor Andy McIntosh, D.Sc, FIMA, C.Math, FEI, C.Eng, FInstP, MIGEM, FRAeS
University of Leeds, UK

I have been privileged to know and work with Paul Garner in creation ministry for several years and have come to respect him for his beliefs and ability to communicate them in a helpful and non‐aggressive way. This is demonstrated in this book. Paul is one of the few creationist speakers and writers who are qualified in the two key areas of science — geology and biology, and this is shown in the care he takes in his arguments.

This book covers the key subject areas that a Bible‐believing Christian must consider in evaluating the different approaches to the subject of origins. He believes the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, and so utterly reliable in its teaching. Inevitably there are differences between some creationists on aspects of our interpretation of the science, but Paul is aware of this and respectful of these differences. His study of the various topics is thorough and I can detect no scientific or biblical flaw in his arguments. He tackles difficult subjects in a way that any reader will find both intelligible and helpful. I am very happy to commend this publication and trust it has a wide readership. May God bless it.

J. H. John Peet, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D, C.Chem, FRSC
The Biblical Creation Society

In this small volume Paul Garner gives us an up‐to‐date survey of current scientific thinking that supports the biblical account of the origin of our universe. He shows how modern findings in the areas of astronomy, biology and geology are consistent with the Bible’s teaching on creation and the global flood. A glossary and extensive references to other work provide the reader with resources that will assist them in further study of the scientific issues related to the current debate on evolution.

Marc Surtees, Ph.D Zoology

For those needing an up‐to‐date and comprehensive introduction to the science and issues surrounding biblical origins — this book stands above the rest. It is well reasoned, well referenced, biblically sound, fabulously illustrated and easy to read. Garner is a master in simplifying complex scientific issues for the lay person in the fields of astronomy, geology and biology without distorting the science behind them.

Dr John H. Whitmore,
Associate Professor of Geology,
Cedarville University, Ohio, USA

If you want a clear, concise, balanced and well‐referenced overview of current young‐universe creation science, The New Creationism is a great place to start. Paul Garner has sifted a vast amount of literature to bring you up‐to‐date and refreshingly biblical interpretations of the data by leading creationists in cosmology, biology and geology. Mr Garner also helps the reader understand the folly of conflating current creationist theories with the authority of the Bible. Brilliant and competent creation scientists are fallible, even when attempting to be faithful to the Scriptures and the data. Creationist theories come and go, but the Word of God stands for ever.

Dr Gordon Wilson,
Senior Fellow of Natural History,
New Saint Andrews College, Idaho, USA


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